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Welcome to the Powerhouse Interviewing website! The authors of the Powerhouse Interviewing Workbook, Justin Jones and Mukta Lele Paliwal, have dedicated this site to helping new and experienced professionals develop, enhance, and refine their interviewing skills so they will always be presenting their best self in the interview. 

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Powerhouse Interviewing Workbook


This is the first interviewing workbook that provides an interactive platform on how to present your "Best Self" during a job interview. Once you have done your due diligence to get an interview, this powerful tool will ensure you are making the most of your opportunity.



Take a moment to browse the site and maybe you will find that missing piece to the interviewing puzzle. If you have a question about something we do not cover, please send us an email.


If you are interested in one-on-one consultation, Justin and Mukta offer individual Interview Coaching to help prepare you to present yourself in a relaxed, effective, and professional manner. Click here for more information.

"The art of interviewing does not come easy, and we certainly couldn't boast our interviewing skills when we first began. Instead of getting frustrated, we studied and analyzed the interviewing process with great detail.  Now having experience on both sides of the table, we have put all of our knowledge and insight together to pass along to you. Our workbook has been used and praised by recruiters and professionals of all industries.  Make the most of your interviewing opportunity, and get a copy of the Powerhouse Interviewing Workbook today!" 

Justin Jones & Mukta Lele Paliwal