Interview Coaching

Are you facing an important interview?


Would you like to ace the interview?


Would you like expert help to effectively share yourself, your ideas and experience?

Successful interviews depend on your ability to show the interviewer who you are. You must show how you can add value to the company or how your expertise or experience adds insight to the position. An interview for employment requires an authentic response that expresses your best self and highest thoughts. Justin Jones and Mukta Lele Paliwal will coach you to properly interview by relaxing, listening, engaging with the interviewer and formulating answers that are impactful and effective.

The goal of individual interview coaching is to help prepare you to present your best self and stand out against the competition.  Justin and Mukta will guide you to:

·       Being relaxed and at ease

·       Prepare to answer hard questions

·       Tell stories that sell you and your ideas

·       Respond positively and enthusiastically

·       Effectively share your experience and strengths

·       Make genuine connection with the interviewer

·       Engage the interviewer in meaningful dialogue

·       Have fun in the interview

Individual Coaching:

·       One-hour session.

·       3 one-hour sessions.

         Includes resume writing, presentation preparation, and multiple mock interviews.


*Email for pricing information.  Discounts for recent college graduates.

Interview coaching is offered in person or by telephone.


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