Real Life Questions & Answers

Hiring and training new employees has become an extremely time-consuming and costly endeavor. Employers are more rigorous than ever with their approach to the selection and hiring process. The Q&A segment of the interview has become one of the most valuable methods for enabling companies to make better decisions in choosing appropriate candidates. Interview questions are designed not only to prompt a discussion of your qualifications, but also to gain a deeper insight into your behavior and personality. For more valuable information about the Q&A portion of the interview, check out the Powerhouse Interviewing Workbook.


Question: Tell me about yourself?


Thought Process: This is the most common question asked in an interview, and even though it is completely about you, this question seems to be the most difficult for people to answer.  Practice putting together a 2 minute summary about your skills, experience, and aspirations.  Make sure the information is relevant to the company and the position.  Remember, informative, but to the point. Learn secrets like the Powerhouse FAB Presentation in the workbook that will help with these type of questions.


Answer: This is an answer from "Brian" who just graduated from college and is interviewing for a sales position with ADP: 

"I have always had the ability to get along with others. When I started thinking of career choices, I became quickly interested in sales.  I feel that my personality and strong communication skills will help me succeed in this type of position. I have had experience working part-time jobs in college in retail and as a telemarketer.  Even though I did well in these types of positions, I am more interested in prospecting clients and demonstrating how my product can help their business.  I have researched ADP, and I believe your company has a cutting edge product that I can sell.  I would go above and beyond to do whatever I needed to be successful. I also like the fact that ADP is a large company with long-term opportunity.  I truly believe I could have a long successful career here if given the opportunity."